Schedule & Class Descriptions

Our classes introduce the full spectrum of tools in a uniquely individual-centric way. We support the distinct needs of all practitioners, exactly as you are, through all phases of life. The student struggling with health challenges, the curious beginning student, the advanced student, and the student interested in taking that leap to teach yoga can all seek refuge and find a home in our Center.


Challenging AM Yoga

Tuesdays 10:00am & Saturdays  10:00am

Suitable for the physically fit and healthy, this class introduces simple, systematic, powerful sequences that help to brighten your mind, deepen your breath, wake up your body, and connect with your great, untapped potential within. Primarily a posture-based class, we will also introduce breathing practices, visualizations, and sound to deepen the potency of the experiences and set a positive foundation for the day ahead.


Kids Yoga

Tuesdays 4-4:30pm

Imagine having learned how to self-regulate and relax as a child? And now make it happen for yours. 

  • Cultivate concentration

  • Build self-esteem

  • Learn how to calm down

  • Increase physical strength and flexibility

  • Learn how to manage emotions

  • Sow seeds of self-care and discipline

  • Assimilate with character building concepts like non-violence and compassion

  • Empower with life-long tools to support overall well-being


Unwind PM Yoga

Tuesdays 5:30pm

Shake off the day's not-so-peaceful remnants and glide into a balanced and easeful night on your magic yoga carpet.


Active Relaxation

Wednesdays 7:00pm

Self-care is a learned behavior, and inner peace doesn't come easy. For the active, busy and multitasking amongst us, we have to move around before we can settle down. Welcome to Active Relaxation, a class that honors the benefits of movement to enhance our breathing and induce a calmer state of mind. Breathing and meditation practices are included. All levels welcome.


Rise & Shine Community Yoga

Select Sundays at 10:00 am

Experience the benefits of taking a yoga class that honors your physical and mental capacities and gradually enhances them. This morning experience is appropriate for students of all levels who wish to enter the day with a light and energized spirit.


Roots of Yoga

Saturdays 11:00am

Learn the fundamentals of an empowering, breath-centered yoga practice and explore the possibilities for a calmer and more stable you. Includes foundational Yoga philosophy to bring yoga off the mat and into your life.


Breathing & Meditation Class

Transform your Yoga practice and life with Yoga's most powerful tool as well as it's goal: Meditation. We offer one monthly class on Tuesday evening and one on Saturday morning - check schedule for details. You'll have a taste of peace and clarity that will transform your concept of Yoga and Meditation forever, and you'll look forward to join us for this Life Balm again soon