Schedule, Pricing and Class Descriptions

PLEASE NOTE: PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL YOGA SŪTRA, VEDIC CHANT, KIDS, PRE-NATAL, and CHAIR CLASSES. Wake Up AM Yoga/Intermediate Class, PM Unwind Yoga, Gentle AM Yoga and Mixed Levels Yoga are the drop-in group classes we offer.


Drop in: $22

Senior Drop in: $18

10 class: $185

20 class: $340

Monthly: $145

Gentle AM Yoga/New Beginnings

Create a stable foundation for your day without overdoing your yoga practice. Energize your mind, your body and your potentials via morning-appropriate posture sequences, breathing techniques, chanting and visualizations. Potent and empowering practices will be a breathe a breath of fresh air into your day. Appropriate for beginners.


Wake Up AM/Intermediate Yoga 

Do you have a limited amount of time and wish to take care of all your yoga needs (get fit, calm down, manage stress, nourish your inner spirit, explore meditation) in one class? Seek no further. Krishnamacharya’s profound teachings, passed on in their entirety to his son and longest-term student, TKV Desikachar, are at your fingertips when you practice yoga with Yoga Foundation. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind, traditional, physically challenging sequences, breathing techniques, and meditation approach that this tradition has to offer. Pep up without losing your center – find it and thrive. The class includes Sun Salutation variations, along with classical and adapted postures, breathing techniques and visualizations to support physical and mental strength and fuel positive transformation.

PM Unwind YogaIMG_0956

Nourish yourself with gentler postures, deep breathing, and deep relaxation. Let go of your daily stress and get ready for a peaceful night ahead. Appropriate for beginners.


Pre-Natal Yoga


A 45 minute class for women in all stages of pregnancy. This period of time is marked by physical/mental/emotional transformation, and the yoga postures, breathing, and meditation we’ll do in this class will be adapted especially for this stage of life. Yoga’s ancient understanding of women is that they have a special eligibility to practice yoga because of their great responsibility as a host for new life. The child experiences what the mother experiences. This class will enable you to bring out a strong trust in your capacity to go through the whole process as well as connect with others currently have a similar experience.

Chair Yoga and Meditation

The most accessible way to enter yoga and meditation for those in our community who want to practice yoga. If your movement is impaired because of arthritis, age or injury, yet you seek yoga to improve mobility and circulation, find a deeper sense of peace inside of you and cultivate skills that help to manage the ups and downs of life, you have found the PERFECT class.

Community Yoga

The community is a reflection of the hearts, minds, and soul of its inhabitants. This class aims to address purification of the rampant toxins of stress, emotional aches, physical stiffness and pain that is blocking the only sustainable, progressive transformation of our community, one that address all levels. Join us, one and all, for a reduced-price class (one less obstacle in the way).