Hey…my cholesterol dropped 35 pts since last year and is now normal! Benefits.
— M.M
I am very thankful for my new practice Yoga Foundation! It has already started to instigate some meaningful changes in my body and strengthen my relationship with my family. The new mantra felt so powerful the first time I used it
— M.E
I just completed a 9 month on-line Yukti in Asana course with Danielle. The course was remarkable—the information given, the manner in which it was presented and even the homework was impeccable. Danielle is intelligent, thoughtful, very knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. I look forward to participating in her next course.
— Marguerite, CA
I wanted to tell you that on my recent trip with girlfriends, we took a boat trip on very rough seas and almost all of us became sea sick. I am prone to that anyway, so I prepared (with meds, unfortunately) and also knew what to do from past experience (look at the horizon) but it was really bad for a while so I had to pull out all the stops… I actually meditated my way through it. I practiced all the things I have learned in meditation: breathing, deep focus, relaxation, mindfulness. The water and sky were the most beautiful shades of blue that day, so I thought of the times in meditation we had thought of water. I was able to get to a really calm and serene state, and by the time we reached land I felt fine! Just wanted to share. I know for sure that you helped me through that one!
— S.V.
“The best Therapy I ever had was my Yoga Teacher Training.”
— M.M.