holyrangoliI am very thankful for my new practice Yoga Foundation! It has already started to instigate some meaningful changes in my body and strengthen my relationship with my family. The new mantra felt so powerful the first time I used it. M.E., November, 2014

Hey…my cholesterol dropped 35 pts since last year and is now normal! Benefits. M.M, November, 2014

From the outside … In…I started private sessions with Danielle to address my “outside” physical pains. I arrived with Western medicine telling me what was wrong and offering me relief through medicines, or surgery. We started working on severe numbness in my hands due to bulging and herniated disks in my neck and spine.

With my commitment to do my individually designed practice I was able to control and eliminate most of the numbness. We then began to move inward and began working on internal issues that were contributing to my high blood pressure and cholesterol. With a combination of breathing, chanting, visualization and movement I began to feel internal changes. As I uncovered and shared revelations that occurred during my practice sessions Danielle adjusted my sessions to support and continue my inward journey toward better understanding which was resulting in better health.

Since beginning our collaboration I have felt my focus shift from outward distractions caused by real physical pain inward to a fuller understanding of my whole being…mental, physical, and spiritual and through my changing practices I have been able to more fully integrate these desperate aspect of my being. As this progress was made my need for both medications have been cut in half and I am, according to my physician, on my way to eliminating one or both.

We continue to address the various external age-related aches and pains with success, but in my opinion the continued internal shift that has resulted from my practice is far more substantive. I feel this type of change could not have occurred in a “one size fits all asana class”. The guided inward yoga experience combined with physical movement is what has produced this physical and mental change, one that continues to move me forward both mentally and physically. One can not feed just the body (sorry hot yoga) but must address the total being and root out the internal causes of suffering before transformation can take place. D.B, September, 2014

I just completed a 9 month on-line Yukti in Asana course with Danielle. The course was remarkable—the information given, the manner in which it was presented and even the homework was impeccable. Danielle is intelligent, thoughtful, very knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. I look forward to participating in her next course.
Marguerite, CA
June 2014