Mauna in Group Classes


Most folks who enter one of the few group classes that I teach have tried yoga before. They have been guided from the first through the last breath of class with instruction. Because I  come from the “less is more” more school, that is, the Krishnamacarya Yoga Mandiram, I see this as obstruction. Under the impression that people come to yoga to get some peace and quiet, I give them space to cultivate that for themselves.

Yoga is Inner peace

Inner peace is the result of focusing the mind in a positive and chosen direction and sustaining it there (see Yoga Sūtra I. 3). The work is focusing the mind on the quality of breathing and how it facilities ease and stability in our being. When we are bombarded with instructions on every last detail of what to do and how to feel, it’s distracting to a mind. It interferes with the process necessary for the cumulative and sustainable feeling of self-sufficiency ideally cultivated through yoga practice.

Yoga is Self-Empowerment

Yoga is Empowerment, a feeling that comes from doing it yourself. In over instructed classes, the student outsources her/his power to the teacher, allowing the student to escape from the very focus, trust

Yoga is Sense Control

Yoga is our own mind directing our senses, not the senses yanking on the mind. You feel the pull when left to your own devices, not when being told what to do. Instruction beyond a few cycles of a sequence enables disturbs the process of mental refinement.