Welcome To Yoga Foundation

Yoga Foundation is an educational and healing center that functions to facilitate personal health and transformation within our Long Island, New York community and beyond. We understand and teach yoga as a profound means to cultivate greater stability, clarity, health and joy so that our students new norm is realizing their highest potentials as they well-weather the ever-present shifts of daily life.

Yoga exists for Everyone.

Yoga provides indispensable, highly effective resources for everyone who is willing to learn and use them. We utilize the full spectrum of tools to support the unique needs of all practitioners, exactly as they are, through all phases of life. Whether you’re a curious beginning student, struggling through a health challenge, an advanced student, or interested in teaching yoga, we have the means to bring you the yoga practices you need. Our Long Island Yoga community centers around the teachings of legend T. Krishnamacharya, renowned for making yoga accessible to everyone and for spreading yoga far and wide.